Pronounced: Day-in-air-a  Per-sef-oh-nee  Ma-cloud




  "Dismissing what one does not know or understand invites  unwelcome rifts in the depths of the soul.  It also invites oblivion."


  "I am an enigma to all around me.  If I told all, there would be no mysteries to unfold."


Profile/History:  Anaconda is quiet and shy in appearance.   She's doesn't take insults lightly.  She's always ready for a challenge, though some 'challenges' are beneath her notice.  She has the sense to tell between a casual jibe and a real insult.  She despises insincerity, idiots, including Serpentor, and anyone against Cobra Commander.  She idolises and loves him and always sides with him in a power struggle - or if he needs a team, etc.  She will follow his orders and wishes to the letter, even if it means her own death.  She punishes those who disobey him harshly.  No one can say a bad word about him with her around as Destro found out rather painfully.


She was born in the Scottish Highlands to Scottish father, Duncan and named by her Greek mother, Marenza.  She was a quiet child, never much liked by the other children and so she kept to herself in her own little world.  Others teased her because she believed the stories of Greek and Scottish Mythology.  She had always believed in the Gods, Gargoyles and Fairies, and didn't abandon her beliefs even when no one else shared them.

She grew bitter toward the other children and those who ridiculed her.

  "Where are your wings, Fairy Girl?..." they'd say, "or are you supposed to be a Gargoyle today?"

She knew if she roared at them that would only make them laugh and tease her more.  She made one friend at school called Neri, who also believed.  It didn't take long for the other children to tease Neri too and follow the two around teasing them.  Neri's parents took her away from the school to Australia, much to Deinaiera's dismay.

  "Miss your Mermaid friend," they'd all jest, not caring if they made her cry.


Deinaiera hated herself for being so weak.  She wanted to bash the living daylights out of them - and one day she did.  She bashed Hamish, the leader of a gang after school, snarling, screaming, baring her teeth, till her hand hurt and was covered in his blood.  The child survived and of course Deinaiera got into big trouble.  She'd maintained that these children had hurt her for years and what she did was no different, but of course, her words fell on deaf ears.   The only way to prove to them she wasn't a crazy bitch was to show them the fairies and gargoyles she'd befriended, and show them where she had seen Poseidon rise up out of the water and save The Tartan, the town's main fishing trawler, but she knew if she did that, knowing humans, they would either ridicule her further, or if they did believe her, 

they would never leave the poor creatures alone and so to this day it remains her little secret.  Deinaiera has never thought much of the humans as a race at all.  She'd always wondered what happened to Neri.  Neri had always been drawn to the ocean, so Deinaiera hoped her career path lay there.


She was taken out of the school and tutored at home.  Her parents worried about her, and although they cared for her very much, they had no idea how to help her.  She was always sad and hardly spoke. They knew her connections to the Greek Gods, Gargoyles and Fairies were very real to her and knew without them she'd die - she needed something to believe in - they just wished others could understand that.


After the incident with Hamish, she didn't get much trouble from others, although she knew they whispered behind her back.  She viewed them as cowards, growing more and more bitter.  However any one who did spike up a challenge was promptly shown what for. Deinaiera had honed her fighting skills and wasn't a weak child anymore. She had also created blocks, to shield herself from harsh words.  She'd heard them all before.  Although deep down they still hurt, she wasn't about to let that weaken her.  She didn't go into town much.  She was once asked about it.

  "It's a lovely town," she said. "Except for the people."  Which promptly ended that discussion.  She managed to get rid of her 'followers' by using reverse psychology, thanking them that she was so important to them that they'd follow her around - and asking them if they had anything worthwhile to waste their time on.  She loved the Highlands - loved to roam the hills and meet her true friends, the Gargoyles and Fairies of the woods.  She knew they would never desert or hurt her.  They told her that.  They were the only joy in Deinaiera's life, other than the love from her parents.


A new power plant was constructed in the town, promising more jobs and cheaper power for the people.  It was eagerly welcomed by most.  The plant was quite a way from the forest, and so the fairies and gargoyles were not disturbed and so Deinaiera never thought about it too much.  Her father had been accepted for a job there and that was a good thing.  He'd been without one since the old corn mill had closed down.


One crisp Autumn morning, Deinaiera played in the forest with her fairy and gargoyle friends.  She took out her special camphor wood box in an old, hollow tree stump.  She hid it there in case the house was robbed, and placed a few things that were very dear to her in there.

As sudden as thunder, but hardly as natural, they heard a explosion, which came from the new power plant.  It was under attack by the American forces of Gi-Joe.  Deinaiera heard soldiers tramping through the forest,  Quickly she told her friends to hide, and she did as well.  She heard from the soldiers talking that the power plant had been set up by the terrorist organisation known as Cobra to gain power in this part of the world.  She'd heard a little of Cobra and the infamous Cobra Commander, and despite her fear of being discovered by the Gi-Joe soldiers and taken away to some boring civilian safe truck, wanted to find out more about this Cobra.  She wasn't impressed by the gung-ho, testosterone driven attitudes of the so called 'Real American Heroes.'


Many of the Cobra officers were apprehended, some killed when they tried to escape.  The Joes destroyed the power plant.  Fearing for her family's safety, Deinaiera rushed to the village where some of the fighting was still taking place.  The Joes were outnumbered.  They gathered all the locals they could.  Many were reluctant to leave their beloved home town.  The Joes fired tear gas into the town, to disorientate Cobra and local alike.  They forced some more of the locals to leave.  They had the Cobra trapped on all sides.

  "Launch the bombs!" Slaughter yelled.

  "Nae!" one local woman exclaimed.  "There are villagers still in there.  Ye cannae-"

  "We got no choice!" Slaughter barked.  "It's now or never!  Fire away!"

The Joes fired the bombs into the small town, obliterating it, the Cobra Officers and the nine locals who refused to leave, including Deinaiera's parents.  She screamed in horror, as she felt her heart tear apart.  Her cries were drowned by the explosions.


  "Ah'm sorry about the mess," Sergeant Slaughter said, half-hearted.  "But look on the bright side, the menace is gone."

Hudson, an older local looked up at him and shook his head.       "Nae, lad, ye still 'ere."


Deinaiera ran from that place to the forest and cried, making sure she was alone and she knew she was.  Her mythological friends had gone, never to return to this place and she didn't blame them.  She didn't want to be here anymore either.


It was days before Deinaiera gathered herself together.  She gathered her box and what few supplies she could from the wreckage and left what was left of that little Scottish town, never to return.


She survived the years ahead by doing whatever menial jobs she could, hating every moment of it, but she had to survive.  As always she was still an outsider.  Even though she never mentioned Gargoyles, Greek Gods or Fairies she was never treated as 'one of us' by anyone.  She chose to be single and self chose a vow of celibacy.


She bought herself a pet, a yellow Burmese Python and called him Salvador.  He was a tame snake, appreciated her and always brought a smile to Deinaiera's face.  She hadn't much of a chance to smile in her life.


When she became older, she took on better jobs, some illegal, but never anything against her principals, such as drug selling or prostitution.  She had reached the age of 15 and had finally decided what she wanted to do.  She wanted to join Cobra.   She want under many pseudonyms and got into assassination and became very good at it.  Though she turned down jobs to assassinate children or parents of dependant children.  She stuck to her principals.


Deinaiera took training lessons and trained herself in her spare time.  She knew she wouldn't make a good officer if she couldn't operate.  She'd seen Cobra and Joes in action and she was determined to be the best in her field, although she never told a soul what she was planning.  She trusted absolutely no one.


At the age of 18 she finally decided it was time.  She knew if she went to Cobra and applied for a job she'd be laughed at and treated as a raw rookie.  Her resume wasn't much to look at.  She doubted toilet cleaning, filing and coffee getting, etc... were essential requirements of a Cobra Official.  Deinaiera knew she didn't exactly look like Cobra material.  She'd fallen in love with the image of Cobra Commander, and was determined to play her cards right.  She knew if she just fell all over him, he might think she was good for a fuck, but that'd be about it.  She wanted something more - his love and respect.  She chose the Code Name: Anaconda, feeling it was very apt, although Black Adder had crossed her mind.  She loved her real name, but felt she needed a special code name for Cobra.


She first went to the Gi-Joes, masquerading as a magazine reporter from Ohio, doing an in depth story on them, receiving a lot of inside dirt and valuable information, which she stored in her portable Cassette/CD player and a lot more information which she stole from the Joes right under their noses.  They never suspected a thing.  When it was time to leave, she killed quite a few Joes in the process.  Cobra became very impressed with her and immediately recruited her with open arms.  It was the happiest day of her life.  She finally had a place where she knew and felt she belonged.


She slowly got close to Cobra Commander, supporting him, helping him and surprising him with a sadistic twist which gave him even more power over the Cobra organisation.  She risked her life to do this.  Cobra Commander came to respect, appreciate and even love her, not for her beauty, or petite body, but for her devotion, loyalty and love for him.  And he finds her very, very interesting!  Although reluctant to admit it at first, he'd fallen in love with her too.  Deinaiera chose to end her self chosen vow of celibacy ... 


At last Cobra Commander had found an equal who posed no threat to him.  Someone to lead Cobra in his footsteps, in the undesirable event of his death.  Deinaiera deeply cherishes his love and confidence in her.  He was the first person to truly believe in and understand her.  If she ever did have to rule Cobra in his place she would not be happy without him, but she would never let him down, even if that meant sacrificing herself.


She travels light.  Her possessions include various, but vibrant snug outfits, and a few toiletries.  She hates make up and won't touch the stuff (unless she's in disguise) as she believes it denies the true self.  Her other possessions include a old Scottish hand crafted wooden box, 'her special box' which her father gave her one Solstice, in which she keeps an old tear drop shaped bottle of her mother's perfume, a fairy doll her mother had given her on her fifth birthday, and a Gargoyle figurine she bought a long time ago at an antique store with some pocket money.  She also has six photographs: One of her parents, her old house, forest, town and of her baby brother Owen Waylon who had died a day after his birth.  She wished she had gotten a chance to know him.  Perhaps he would have been a good friend to play with, but she would never know.  She never spoke of him, except to Cobra Commander, who she knows she can reveal her deepest secrets.  He may not believe in fairies at the bottom of *his* garden, but Anaconda knows she can tell him anything.  He deeply cherishes her loyalty, confidence and trust in him.


In a small leather pouch, Deinaiera carries an Ancient Greek coin with her at all times, featuring the images of Hades and Persephone, as she believes when she dies she will need it for Charon, the boat man when he ferries her across the river Styx into her final resting place, the Underworld.  She's deadly serious about it.  As she believes in her ways, Deinaiera believes her soul will be cared for and nurtured by Hades, Lord of the Dead, resting for eternity in the Elysian Fields, not Tartarus, where the evil souls dwell.  Deinaiera doesn't believe she's evil, although many believe all Cobra are so.  Deinaiera wishes to be taken to the river Styx in Greece at the time of her death and even though Cobra Commander may not fully share all of her beliefs, he isn't about to dismiss or ridicule them.  He has sworn to carry out her death wishes, sincerely hoping it won't be any time soon.


Abilities:  Anaconda is small, light, very agile and extremely  manoeuvrable.  She's sweet and innocent looking and sounding, making her even more deadly.  Physically she's small and weak looking, but this is not so.   Quick with a knife, gun - whatever weapon she has, including her body, she'll take on the burliest Joe.  She's strong for her size and quite intelligent. She can learn things in a jiffy.  She can operate all kinds of Cobra equipment, from various weapons, Viper aircraft to the microwave in the headquarters kitchen.  She is not afraid to try new things or difficult challenges and is loyal to the death to Cobra and Cobra Commander.


Weaknesses:  Even though she is over it, she still grieves for her lost family and childhood mythological friends.  She's not well liked by other members of Cobra not so loyal to the Commander.  Anaconda/Deinaiera's only other weakness is her undying true love for Cobra Commander.




RANK     - 9  ENDURANCE    - 10

COURAGE  - 10 SKILL        - 10




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